Top 6 Unique Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards today have grown synonymous with ID cardholders. Be it offices, schools, or promotional events, you’ll see a lanyard strung around the neck showing the identity of the wearer.

But lanyards can have so many more uses. Yes, it’s a simple strip of material, and ID lanyard is the most common, but being simple is not a reason why it can’t be used in a lot of different ways.

From the office to the playground, to gifts, lanyards prove to be the most versatile piece of material to have around. And here, we have compiled a set of uses for these. Read on to find them out.

Promotional Events

Lanyards find their use for events like seminars and expos. Most of the time, these events do not have a dress code but you’ll still need something to show that you are a part of the organizational team. Lanyards can come in handy on such occasions.

You can even give out custom lanyards as promo items which is a great and inexpensive way to get the word out about your company.

Rank Determination

Most offices have a dress code, but it may still be confusing to figure out who is from which department, particularly if there’s a lot of employees. Lanyards in different colors and designs can often help in distinguishing between departments and ranks. So, in a way, they help keep things organized.

Additionally, lanyards can not only hold your ID but can also act as pen holders or can even hold your office keys.


Lanyards can be of great use in camping. Just pack in a lot of them with pouches attached. You can fill those pouches with emergency items like mosquito bite patches, band-aids, batteries, the list can be endless. And with all the pouches easily accessible, you’ll never have to search for a missing item.

Lanyards are a short piece of string and every camping enthusiast will agree on what great use can a small piece of string can be. You can use them as lining for tents, or an immediate solution to injuries, the options can be as many as you can think of.

Gift Items

Lanyards can also serve as great gift items. It’s a useful piece of material and won’t disappoint the receiver, particularly if he/she is more of an adult person. To grownups, something useful is always better than something that just sits on the table. And lanyards can be the perfect small gift on such occasions.

Tracking Small Items

Small items get lost easily and they are hard to find. How many times have you lost your flash drive and had a hard time finding it? Lanyards are a perfect solution to these unwelcoming situations. Just attach your small items with a lanyard and you’ll be able to keep them close to you. Thus, the chances of losing those decreases, and you are freed from worry.

Holding Digital Devices

Your cell phone might be the single most piece of gadget that is both very precious and vulnerable at the same time. It can slip off and incur damages beyond repair. Lanyards can help you avoid such accidents. Just attach your cell phone or tablet to a lanyard and you’ll never lose grip of it again. For this particular purpose, you’ll be better off with a somewhat thicker lanyard. That way, not only will your gadget be safe from accidents but will also be harder to snatch and steal.

So you see there can be a lot of different uses to a lanyard. ID lanyard is the most common use, but there can be several other uses to it. We have provided some uses for a lanyard here. Just get inspired and find what you want to use it for.

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