5 Top Electric Dab Rig in 2021

Electric dab rigs act are designed to better the qualities of a standard/ traditional rig set up. Instead of using a blow torch/ lighter, electric dab rigs rely on a battery, which powers their E-nail. Consequently, the E-nail heats up and vaporizes the dabs.

Some of the known benefits that you get from an electric dab rig over the other types of dab rigs include ease of use, precise temperature control, and portability. This article recounts some of the best electric dab rigs in the present-day market.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Dr. Dabber SWITCH can either be used as a whole dab rig for oils or as an electric vaporizer for flowers. The electric dab rig features a button for switching between the two different moods. It also has 25 carefully calibrated heating settings that can handle anything of the viscous oil or dense flower concentrates thrown at it.

The heat settings also give you a variety of options. If you want denser vapor, there is a specific heat setting for that. If you want more flavorful vapor, there is a heat setting that is perfect for you. Finally, if you want a cloudier experience, you get it by varying the heat settings.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH’s battery is capable of supporting up to 150 uses when fully charged. The efficient induction heating system on the electric dab rig plus its excellent battery life makes it last.  

The Switch’s battery is compatible with pass-through charging and takes around 60 minutes to charge fully.

Pulsar Rok

Pulsar Rok electric dab rig features three voltage settings 3.4 V, 3.6 V, and 3.8 V, which correlate with 482, 510, and 538°C or 900, 950, and 1000 °F. Using the electric dab rig at high temperatures will offer dense vapors that are less flavorful and vice versa.

Pulsa Rok’s battery is capable of 25 to 30 uses on a single full charge. The inbuilt battery is charged via micro USB and takes between two to three hours to charge fully.

The single button operation and a well-crafted user manual on the Pulsar Rok make the device very easy to use.

Focus V Carta

Focus V Carta electric dab rig features four presets, that you can choose from. However, you can still create your preset via a mobile app that is compatible with the app. 

The atomizers/ coils on the Focus V Carta are magical. They can vaporize a decent amount of the concentrates and still produce great vapor. The bubbler on the electric dab rig ensures it delivers the smoothest hits.

Focus V Carta has a removable battery, which you can replace easily. Its package includes a borosilicate carb cap, a Type C USB charger, wax chamber, cleaning kit, 18350 batteries, two buckets (titanium and quartz), and a carrying case.

The 18350 batteries in the Carta have 1200 mAh capacity each. A fully charged pair of these batteries can support between 40 to 50 sessions. All these properties on the Focus V Carta plus the modern USB-C charging, make the electric dab rig among the best in terms of battery quality.

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak electric dab rig comes with four temperature settings 450, 500, 550, 600 °F or 232, 260, 288, 315°C. This temperature flexibility is enough for distinct concentrates. 

Puffco Peak’s vapor quality is top-notch. The hits you get out of it are flavorful, huge, and utterly potent. Its water filtration system ensures the vapor that reaches you, is smooth and cool without degrading its flavor.

Each part of Puffco Peak looks and feels premium/ well made. The electric dab rig comes with standard accessories that you will need in all your experiences, including a loading tool, charger, carb cap, cotton swabs, an additional ceramic bowl, and a carrying case. 

Puffco Peak’s battery can support between 15 to 20 draws without needing a recharge.

Kandypens Oura

Kandypens Oura electric dab rig has been in the market for several years now and is still among the “best.” It features four temperature settings. Each temperature setting is indicated using a unique color on a light ring found around the device’s base. Yellow is for 620°F/327°C and Green is for 860°F/460°C. Red and Blue colors indicate 980°F/527°C and 1090°F/588°C respectively.

Kandypesn Oura comes with a standard 3000 mAh battery. The USB-C charging on the device enables you to fully charge the battery within an hour.

KanyPens Oura’s Kit includes a quartz bucket, a ceramic bucket, a USB-C cable, a carb cap, and a wall charger.

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