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Best UV Lights for HVAC (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

Ultraviolet Lights are known to kill contaminants, fungi, bacteria, and germs in the air. These lights help improve indoor air quality and control mold development. The use of these lights is recommended for disinfecting hospitals, water sources, food areas, and HVAC systems. So, if you live in Georgia, the US, and have a heating or cooling system, then you must know how to choose the best UV lights for HVAC.


HVAC UV lights are designed using tiny diode bulbs that are linked to a closed-circuit board. Also, you can choose from a diverse range that includes light rails, pendants, and tubes. Apart from this, many color and model variations are also available.


As AC systems are moist places (due to the condensation process occurring), mold growth is very likely. While HVAC units work all day, it impacts the indoor air quality. Contaminated indoor air is a threat to everyone’s health and wellbeing.

Ultraviolet lights are the most economical and convenient way to improve air quality. Besides, UVC purification lights help prevent the accumulation of living pathogens and microorganisms. One thing you must know these lights do not help eliminate dust and debris.

Medical experts suggest the use of UV bulbs in humid areas to prevent mold or mildew growth. You must also know that AC filters efficiently filters out dust, while ordinary filters are not effective in screening out mold spores.


  1. REKO lighting R2000
    1. 9-feet long power rope allows installation anywhere
    2. Enhances HVAC efficiency
    3. Special design for easy installation within the HVAC ductwork
  2. REKO Lighting PORE24V
    1. Easy installation due to the magnetic support
    2. Consist of all important parts
    3. 14-inch-long bulb
  3. Deal UV Best Light AIR Purifier
    1. Best Buy
    2. Special Voltage Protection guarantees the prevention of electrical overloads
    3. UV cleans the evaporator coil also
  4. Honeywell UV Air Purifier UV2400U5000
    1. Extremely efficient air purifier
    2. The special Teflon coating provides a shield against accidental smashing
    3. Easy installation within the ducts
  5. OdorStop OS36PRO1 UV Air Purifier
    1. Designed with a special airflow sensor that enables energy saving (functions when HVAC is turned on)
    2. The special Teflon coating provides a shield against accidental smashing
    3. The 25-watt bulb works as the main light source
  6. Honeywell UV100A1059 UV Surface Treatment System
    1. One-year warranty
    2. Features the state-of-the-art ozone free Ultraviolet Light sanitizer that is safe for congested spaces
    3. Optional AIRWATCH indicates when the bulb needs to be replaced
  1. Bio-Shield UV-C Air Sanitizer System
    1. Features a world-class UV purification system
    2. The special Teflon coating provides a shield against accidental smashing
    3. Effectively kills mold, bacteria, allergens, viruses, and other contaminants


As UV purification lights can effectively stop the growth of harmful microorganisms, they are generally installed within the air handler that is switched on 24/7. The HVAC lights can successfully control mold development within the Oregon business registry. system.

Apart from this, a fungal infestation of the HVAC system is also a major issue that is also damaging for the health, as it can cause infections, allergies, breathing complications, hypersensitivity, and aggravate underlining health conditions in individuals.

Ultraviolet systems not only skills harmful pathogens but also stop their organic growth on the HVAC system’s surfaces, ducts, and coils. Clean system components ensure better airflow, energy efficiency, controlled bills, and saving repair costs.

If you live in a humid region of Georgia then you must be concerned about frequent mold development to keep you and your family safe. You must understand that air filters might not be alone effective in maintaining air quality, so you must install UV Light in Atlanta in your system to enjoy the safest experience. This will effectively disinfect and sterilize your surroundings.


The two types of ultraviolet decontamination lights for HVAC units are: Coil Purification and Air Decontamination

  • Coil Purification is a “stick type” light that is fixed within the return air vent. This affordable light unit operates 24/7 and disinfects the air handler coil. 
  • Air Decontamination is a whole UVC purification lights unit that is fixed in the return ductwork and cycles along with the blower. It works to purify the moving air. 


This ultraviolet lighting system needs to be fixed right next to and towards the downstream of the evaporator (cooling coil). The ultraviolet rays need to gleam on the AC evaporator and water drain pan as these are moist areas where mold is likely to develop.

If these lamps are installed at some other place, then slime, algae, bacteria, and mold are expected to develop on the evaporator coil, drain pan, blower section, and air ducts. This leads to contaminated airflow and compromised health.

The downsides of the UV filtration system can be its high installation cost and limited availability in the market. You must carry out good research and ask for references within your area before purchasing a UV purification system. You must consider your budget and air quality benchmarks before making a purchasing decision.

By default, UV purification units are formulated to function with an element filter rather than a stand-alone object. Hence, regular cleaning and repair is a necessity.

Apart from this, the Ultraviolet bulbs need to be changed every one to two years. The duration of the UV bulb usually depends on the model and warranty period. A UV bulb is expected to last 9000 hours or almost a year. To replace Ultraviolet bulbs in the HVAC system, you may need to pay something around $70.

HVAC Ultraviolet lights are available in many sizes, shapes, and power ratings. Some may have better features than others. Experts recommend searching for UV bulbs with output UV-C light and better light strength. Considering all the factors and variations, you must check your HVAC system before deciding on which UV bulbs are required.

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