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In this article, I will write my review on RichmondSuper which might help you in decidingwhetherto trade with this brokerage firm. RichmondSuper has taken up one of the topmost positions in the list of the best CFD brokerage firms that are present on the internet in today’s age and date. My review aims at highlighting the features of RichmondSuper and answering the many questions that are most likely to pop up in the minds of the traders.

First things first, RichmondSuper is an online trading platform that has been set up for traders all across the globe. One of the very impressive features that this platform offers its clients with is how it offers trading experience with more than 250 financial CFD instruments, that too while keeping the new traders in mind. Asset assortment includes Indices, Stocks, Commodities, Crypto and Forex. These are only some of the instruments that I can trade on this platform and that too without any hassle!

The website has all the latest tools that are to do with trading and the top-notch future in my opinion is their customer service being at its finest. What needs a special mention here is the high execution speed along with the provision of a completely customizable chart that fits me perfectly. Low dormancy trading is just another plus point that RichmondSuper provides its brokers with.

What is RichmondSuper?

A trustworthy trading platform is all a potential broker looks for while trading markets across the world. It was approximately a year ago when I came across this platform- RichmondSuper that instantly caught my eye and then eventually gained my trust; this, too, because of the sheer excellence of this very brokerage firm. The platform undoubtedly surpassed my expectations that I had set for it, which is why I wrote a complete detailed review on it in order to help the traders by referring to the most common questions that they have in mind regarding this platform.

To begin with, RichmondSuper comes with all the required modern tools that are enough to set apart a particular brokerage firm. For instance, it’s highly advanced analytical tools and charts are something that impressed me the most.

What deserves a special mention here is how the platform makes it easy for the traders in depositing funds and it does it through offering 5 different alternatives for it. Other additional benefits are also offered for example admittance to trading signals and other extra assets.

Other very important highlights of RichmondSuper include the provision of educational material, assets that that exceed 250 in number and can be used while trading, easy to understand and implement deposit and withdrawal alternatives and last but not the least, low pricing. With only these few mentioned details I knew that I wanted to make an account with RichmondSuper.

Trading Platforms Present on RichmondSuper

As unfortunate as it may sound, I observed that the highly renowned platforms like that of MetaTrader4 do not come under the domain of the trading platforms likeRichmondSuper. However, the traders can directly ship the RichmondSuper Web Trader platform from other conciliators’ programs. Because of the platform being entirely electronic, I found it to be particularly easier for the novice traders who can just simply sign into an account and start trading. Even for me to start investing with RichmondSuper was simple and fast.

The platform does not offer App or purchase of any products in order to get to the platform. This I believe was did not cause me any trouble as the online website works very well.RichmondSuper is very easy to understand. Some limited useful features will be given to you for that account which will entirely depend on the type of the account that you have signed in with. What happens next is that you get various instruments on the platform that you can use to start investing. The chart is customizable, which helped me with my asset analyses, and I spend most of my time with the chart and the tools available.

Operationalization of this Platform

I believe that RichmondSuper not only effectively and efficiently provides the new traders with different assets but also when I started trading with the platform its education center taught me how I should deal with the market that is full of uncertainties at any given point. It does not come as a surprise seeing RichmondSuper working on such a high level coupled with an amazing administration. What sets this broker apart is how it creates convenience for its new clients in conducting their trades.

As for the platform, it is based entirely online. The MetaTrader4 platform is not offered in contradiction as I have mentioned above. This option can always be included as an extra feature for different account. A special bonus is rewarded in the various accounts. It is totally up to the broker which account he chooses because he is granted the freedom to do so depending on what suits him the best and what satisfies his requirements.

RichmondSuper’s Economic Calendar

The economic calendar is used by the traders in order to screen not only the market but also the related events. What this calendar does is that it helps in keeping track of the money-related options and the proposed plans and the budgetary indicators.

All of this is done through the Economic Calendar, which is administered by the Trading Central. The RichmondSuper allows each trader to access this calendar. This calendar also presents the me with the seasons and dates continuously and without a break. This specific feature really helped me out in remaining intact with the market. Without the calendar I would not have been aware of the market.

What further adds up as an excellent advantage is that the calendar can be altered to suit the broker. Before joining this platform, I never knew what went into the working of this calendar, but now, one thing that I know for sure is that this will prove highly beneficial for other traders.

The Tools for Instruction Provided by RichmondSuper

RichmondSuperprovided me assistance by the provision of assets along with some instructional material and information. Through the provided material and information by the platform, I was now in the position to make more effective and educated choices for trading. Some examples are accountings, eBooks, and market investigation. Some other instructional assets include Market reviews, Trading Glossary and many more.

Accounts used for Trading

For account options that are offered to traders at RichmondSuper, they are 4 in number. I explore all the accounts and they are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Basic Account. 250 Euros is the starting amount as base deposit that needs to be made for a Basic Account. This is very minimal when compared to other account options and very beneficial too.

Why? Because the smaller size of the account gives the trader a sort of head start and they can begin their trading straightaway. When I started, I chose the premium account because even I knew a fair amount of information regarding trading. They do not offer demo account but I think it is not need anyway because of their very low priced basic account.

I wanted access to as many features as I could get. However, the account work better for a beginner as it gives the new trader the opportunity to begin with something on a lower scale while depositing fewer amounts of money and all this while ensuring no intimidation.

Base Deposits regarding Each Account type

  • 25O Euros for Basic
  • 10,000 Euros for Silver
  • 25,000 Euros for Gold
  • 100,000 Euros for Platinum

Classification of Professional Trader and Client

Communication and the Disclosure of Risk:

For all the experience I have had on the platform RichmondSuper has always been very open and upright regarding the dangers that are to do with trading with the digital currency market kept in mind. It needs no introduction on how unstable it is. However, if I were to share my experience regarding the matter, I don’t think this should worry any of the new brokers.

Customer Care

RichmondSuper’s customer care is something that I can vouch on. It has an amazing team that comprises committed and dedicated individuals. Through this group, I kept the conversation that took place between a trader and an intermediary. You are also given the option of a phone and can also contact the platform through their official email address, and you can also choose the live chat option. An online form is also made accessible to the audience of the contact page of their website.

Concluding Feedback

I believe that I have made a wise and the right choice by choosing this platform over others, mainly because the opportunities and services provided here truly sets it apart and paves its way into being a unique platform. Having been with them since the past year, I would love to continue my journey with RichmondSuper for the years to come.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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