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I started using theLondon-Gates forex trading platform about 2 years ago and now I am finally getting a chance to share my journey related to forex trading. We all know that investing your money is always a good idea when you have some cash set aside with nothing to do. This has always been my way of thinking, so two years ago I started. I had some extra money saved up which I did not plan to use for an extended period of time. I started to look for online trading as a lot of my friends were already familiar with trading, so I had some help from them in finding which platforms out there are good and what are some things that I need to stay aware of while looking for a reliable forex trading platform.

First, I got considerable insight from my peers and then went out to search for a platform that would complement and help a new trader. I came across London-Gates after reading some good reviews about the broker. I looked into the platform and liked a lot of their services. Now, since I have been on this platform for some time now, I want to present a review that is based on my experience. With this review, I hope that new traders will learn something new about online trading and will also be able to get to know London-Gates and their services. As it is not easy to find a reliable platform in a sea of so many online brokers out there so this review will provide enough of my experience that will show you insights into the working of this server.

Let’s begin with the Trading Platform itself and then I will move on to the Security, Education Center, Account Types, Contact Service, Registration, Chart & Analytical Tools, Assets, and Payment Methods.

Trading Platform

A trading platform should be inviting and incredibly simple to operate. I say that because as a new trader I had a lot of trouble navigating my way through a very complex platform that was not very user-friendly. That issue was resolved when I browsed the London-Gates platform. This broker has worked hard to make the platform very basic so that new traders like me don’t get lost or feel overwhelmed. I found it easy and even fun to jump from page to page and get to where I wanted.

The platform does not offer services to The United States, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), Iran, and Syria. It is available to the rest of the places and works incredibly. With having a great platform layout, I will say that London-Gates can work on its color scheme and provide more tones, especially in the chart area. This CFD platform has a lot to offer and I am reaping a lot of benefits already.

The chart and the assets available are good enough for the new traders and even the advanced traders. The broker has managed to keep the chart easy to understand for a new user who does not have much experience but has also managed to integrate something really cool that most traders can use for their analysis. The really trendy assets like top stocks Alibaba, Lyft, Zoom, Yelp, Walmart, etc. are readily available to invest in.

The platform also has a great assortment of Forex USD/ZAR, EUR/USD, USD/TRY, USD/JPY, etc. Top Crypto like Stellar/USD, Ripple/USD, Monero/USD, Litecoin/EUR, and the most wanted crypto are Ethereum and Bitcoin. Commodities are Silver Spot, Platinum, Palladium, Gold Spot, Crude Oil WTI, and Brent Crude Oil.

My experience has been related to investing in stocks, crypto, and forex. I made most profits in stocks and especially through Zoom. Now it is feasible that people who do not have much practice and do not analyze their stock at the very start might lose some money but if you get a dedicated account manager and learn more information through the education center then you can be sure that a profit can be easily made.


For a new trader, it is important to know that security is very important when they are looking for an online trading platform. Most trading platforms do not have all the legal documents readily available for the clients to read or even find on the trading platform. However, London-Gates is kind enough to have these security measures put front and center on the website. When I scrolled down the webpage, I found the Legal document all lined up. So, there is a Privacy policy, Bonus policy, Risk disclosure statement, AML, Withdrawal, refund & cancellation, KYC, and terms and conditions. I know that advanced traders appreciate the fact that their identity along with their funds is guaranteed to remain safe with London-Gates.

Payment Methods

Most platforms that I have come across do not offer PayPal as a payment method, but London-Gates has managed to get really great and easily usable payment methods. They do not have the option for bitcoin and VLoad as payment methods, but I guess having PayPal trumps all other alternatives.  

  • PayPal
  • VISA
  • Wire Transfer
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro  

I have used PayPal and MasterCard services. My experience with either of the services has gone smoothly and I did not face any trouble in my transactions. So overall, I would say that this particular service plan of payment is decent enough for the platform.

Education Center

The education center is unique to all online trading platforms. Some platforms provide education while others totally ignore this factor. In my opinion, the education center plays a very important role in shaping the trading experience for the new traders. Even when I started as a new trader, if I had the proper knowledge of what I was doing, I probably would not have made any losses. But London-Gates is one of the platforms where I found the education center of the focal point dedicated towards the new traders. They also include the Advanced traders in providing them webinars and eBooks, but I believe they can do much better in adding more eBooks and video lectures to their site to provide a 360-degree level of education. Other formats of education provided for the visitors and all members are as following:

eBooks: When I learned that the platform provides eBooks, I was imagining that they would be very lengthy and that I would have to look for hours to get the information I would want. But London-Gates has very consistent eBooks with pictures. It makes the reading and learning experience exponentially better.

FAQ: The FAQ section is where all the general questions that any visitor might have are answered. It is better to visit this page first before posing any question to the customer service on your first time. The answer to your question might as well be already in the FAQ section. I would prefer that London-Gates improve or update this FAQ every few months in order to stay relevant and add in more questions from time-to-time.

Asset Index: Asset index is a great way for the platform to list down all the 200+ tradable assets with their trading hour and expiry rule. This way whenever I wanted to know if a certain asset is supported by London-Gates I would always refer back to the asset index and find it easily as it is recorded alphabetically.

Glossary: To be fair glossary is the one page beside the trading platform where I spend most of my time. I often forget the terms used in trading so whenever someone uses a certain term that I am unsure about I go back to the glossary and immediately get to know the meaning.  This way I have improved as a trader and been able to better communicate about trading with my peers. The glossary also comes in handy when I want to use customer service and use proper trading terms.

Contact Services

If you want to know the quality of the trading platform and how much the broker is active with their clients then try their customer service. London-Gate excels in this regard as it offers almost all alternatives to get in contact with the representatives of the platform. I have all options like a Phone call, Live chat, Email, and even the form. London-Gates has been very forthcoming and active on all fronts, so I am quite impressed and very happy that the broker actually cares about the clients.

My Final Conclusion on London-Gates

I will be honest that I have been a member of this platform for over 2 years. Because of my experience, I decided to write a review on the platform because I knew all the insights and what the new traders might want to find out about London-Gates. I hope that with this review many of you were able to get to know more about the trading scene and what a basic platform should look like. As far as my trading venture is considered I plan to remain a long-termmember of this platform as everything that I need is quite easily and efficiently available with London-Gates.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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