Can The Investment Center be your trading partner for years to come? Review 2021

“Pursuit for more will never reach an end unless you tell yourself what you have is sufficient.” This is what I’ve grown up listening to. And this was as monotonous as it could’ve been. I always thought it was meant to teach me the importance of remaining thankful for whatever little I have. You’ll find it rather funny but the first imposter, I had the misfortune of meeting had these words imprinted on his office wall. Back then, I was a newbie and I wanted to trust anyway who sounded kind. But time and experiences taught me that one thing I’ve to be very particular about is that I cannot trust anyone who comes my way. 

Apart from trusting, I have also learned all these years that you need to make sure that you spend your money when you’re sure that you’ll get the maximum out of it. I know, it’s turning into a sermon and I’m sorry for that. I’ll try to show you what these two pieces of advice mean to a trader as we go on in the review. I can say all that I’ve said and will say confidently because I’m not only a trader. In fact, I’m someone who’s struggled through the rough times to reach the hard to attain place, where I stand today. 

My old age keeps telling me I might leave soon and this thought bothers me to an extent that’s horrifying. I simply don’t want to waste the knowledge which has come to me through years of struggle. And the urge to give away has brought me here. Maybe a small review can help me teach you all that you’d learn after years of struggle. 

I’ve seen the needs of traders evolve to keep up with the trends worldwide. It is a great approach to keep up with the developments and work your way towards becoming an established trader. One such development was seen when the masses made a shift to online brokerage firms. People quickly felt the need of being associated with a good and reliable firm to add to their profits. But this encouraged a huge number of fraudulent companies to make it to the market. Neophytes, being soft targets were the ones to get trapped first. But unfortunately enough, this continues to date. People keep falling in the wrong hands and losing their life earnings. 

It is always recommended that you research yourself, ask seniors, visit websites and legal sections to ensure that you’re about to trust the one’s white worth it. 

Ever since I jumped into the online brokerage firms bandwagon, I have been associated with The Investment Center. And I have been a satisfied customer of the company ever since. This loyalty is attributed to the wide range of specs and efficient service that has never failed to impress me. I will recommend you all to look into the suggestion of signing up for a reliable firm because these have the potential to turn the tables for you. 

I have seen my business reaching unprecedented heights because of the optimal conditions that The Investment Center provided me. Although describing these all is beyond the scope of this review, I’ll try to highlight the major specs. Let’s begin.

Server Design and look

You might not realize this initially, but the overall look of the platform has a lot to with the satisfaction of customers. Graphics are up to the mark and self-explanatory. They help you easily navigate through the site and reach your desires button. This simplicity has been adopted by the designers keeping in mind the fact that young and experienced traders make use of it. There’s one thing I’d like to mention here. The colour scheme is more towards white. I love it this way but I’ve met many who find it monotonous and boring. It would be great if there’s an option to customize the theme and facilitate all sorts of users. Wherever you go, exploring the page, you’ll always find the logo too to help you reach the home page within seconds.

Fool-Proof Security 

One of the major factors that a trader needs to take into consideration before making an account is to see if the security is foolproof. A platform should satisfy you with the degree of transparency they offer and only then you should sign up. 

The Investment Center happens to be a certified CFD broker which makes sure that the security is never compromised. And they are willing to keep up the level on the cost of their customer base. You might not know but there are many countries such as the US where users can’t access The Investment Center. They’ve been blocked only to ensure your data is safe and sound. 

Sometimes everything is right at the end of the company you’re associated with directly but even then security breaches occur. This happens because many companies make use of external applications to provide tools such as market alerts and price prediction. The Investment Center has taken measures to cut down its possibility by taking everything on its shoulders. They have invested a lot in their personal domain and do not let any external entity intervene. All of this gives me immense satisfaction and peace. What do you say, could it be any better?


If you scroll down the main page, you’ll find a Legal section that encompasses sub-portions like Privacy Policy, Anti Money Laundering Policy, Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy, Risk Disclosure statement, Bonus Policy, and terms and conditions. If you go through these individually, you’ll see how concerned the platform is about such matters. I need to mention that a huge part of my trust was developed after I went through these sections. A great job definitely.

Professional Tools

Planning is an imperative measure before the execution of plans and hence decision making. The Investment Center gave me access to remarkable tools that considerably made analysis and evaluation easy. All of them were efficient and served my needs well. The chart tool remains my favourite because of the degree of optimization it offers. You can pick between five chart types in a matter of a few clicks. They also give you nine chart intervals and thirty-five chart indicators to make the process smooth. Apart from this, the trading trend feature kept me updated all the time about the buying and selling rates of the currency pairs. It also lets you sort assets according to daily percentage change, name, and trending. 

It was a phenomenal experience for me but I would suggest the company adds a “seek help” button for the ones who aren’t well acquainted with these features. 

However, The Investment Center makes up for this with their experienced brokers that are readily available to accommodate you. My broker Don Adams made sure to help me go through all the analytical tools and equipped me with the knowledge to optimize them pertaining to my own trade requirements.

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Here’s another thing you gotta appreciate about the platform. The Investment Center takes care of your varying needs and one such example is that you can make use of various methods to carry out your transactions for withdrawing and depositing purposes such as Maestro, Bank Wire, Master Card, and Bitcoins. I wish there was an option for PayPal because this way a large group of traders who are comfortable using it could be catered.

Education Center and FAQ

On the top panel of the website, you’ll see two options namely the education centre and FAQ. These both have been placed here mainly to ensure that the customers never miss any valuable information. The education centre segment is further divided into 3 subsections; Asset Index, Ebooks, and Glossary. A total of 12 eBooks have been published and they are put forth in a way that they can serve traders who’ve basic to advanced knowledge. Beneath these books, a few-line synopsis is added which lets the user understand what the book talks about and helps them save time. Asset Index and the Glossary sections have contents sorted in alphabetical order. This is to let the customers quickly reach their desired portion. 

FAQ section has been segregated from the education centre, unlike most portals. This is to ensure you don’t have to fumble around on the website looking for this section. Questions are also categorized into a total of 5 groups to save time; Support, Funding, Trading, Open account, and Platform. 

Contact Customer Care Representatives

If you ever end up in a problem you need not worry and open the website, scroll to the end of the page, click contact us and either fill the form to submit the query, email, call, or chat. Although I’ve found all of them equally responsive and efficient the chat support hours are limited. Also, customers from Canada, Australia, and the UK can only use the call option. But don’t worry, you’ll always find the ‘Live Chat’ option at your service. 

Summing up

The Investment Center suits me in a lot of ways. I am happy that my trading venture is proceeding in a very safe and optimal environment. There’s a high probability that your experience with the forum is like mine but I would strongly recommend you to research thoroughly, go through the policies and stances before you pick your trading partner. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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