CVMarkets Review 2021- What makes this broker the most efficient in the market?

For any beginner, they must spend some time exploring and investigating online brokers. The online trading world could be terrifying for someone who has no idea how this industry works. Keeping that in mind, I thought I should write a review on my experience with CVMarkets. When I stepped into that trading world, I did not know about it and hence I got overwhelmed. So, I started doing my research on different brokers and their platforms by visiting respective webpages and reading reviews on them. This helped me a lot in gaining adequate knowledge which led me to CVMarkets.

When I discovered CVMarkets, I had already enrolled myself with different platforms, but I was never really satisfied with them. One fine day, I shared about this platform with my close friend and turned out she was already a member of it. She spoke highly of this broker and asked me to try it myself. After spending some time on this broker, I felt that it was close to my expectations that I had with online brokers, but no one so far met those.

I think the best way to give a review on this broker would be to list all the components and features it offers and then write my detailed experience with CVMarkets. So, this platform offers:

-Educational Materials

-Trading platform layout

-Customer Service

-Payment methods


What I expect from any good online broker is that it should provide great customer services, security, and enough educational material that should be useful for both beginners and advanced users as well. I found that CVMarkets fulfills all these demands proactively. I hope that with the help of my review you will be able to know more about this platform and it will make it easier for you to decide whether this broker is worthy enough for you to invest in. Without further a due, let’s start with this broker’s online webpage as a trading platform.

Trading Platform Layout

When it comes to webpages, I thinkthey should be very simple yet have enough content about their platform. So, this way any user will have a clear idea of what this platform has to offer without going through a lot of pages. On my first visit to this platform’s webpage, I found that their menu bar didn’t have many sub-pages, which could be overwhelming for some users if they are trying to get to know about the platform.

One thing that did put me off was the dim and dark theme of the webpage. I felt like the color contrast they used was not pleasing to the eye. They could use lighter shades to make their layout even more attractive. However, the use of 3D clipart was something I enjoyed and made the website stand out from other platforms I have been engaged with.

Throughout their webpage, they have mentioned about features and services they offer which I felt saved a lot of time for me.  On their main page, I saw a motivational quote that says, “Being successful in Trading is easier than you think” followed by “Discover your trading skills with CVMarkets”. I felt encouraged while reading this that trading could be easier for the beginners like me. This made me want to explore further about this platform and get to know about all the features and tools it uses that can make trading easier for me.

Another feature that I noticed was their pinned live chat option to all the pages at the bottom right corner. I think that the live chat option is one of the fastest ways to get in contact with the representative. During my investments, I faced few issues so, I decided to get in contact with one of their agents through live chat, and surprisingly it was a decent experience for me. I didn’t have to wait, and the issue was resolved in few minutes. However, the platform can be accessed in the English language which I think they should consider adding more options. This way they will be able to cover a wide range of users making it easier for them to access their platform.

Educational Material:

Not many platforms offer a decent educational center. So, for me, it was really important to land a platform that caters to my need of fulfilling the lack of trading knowledge. CVMarkets has a full page dedicated to educational material. The educational material on this platform has helped me a lot throughout my trading venture. I found that this platform has severale-books that can be very useful to both beginners and advanced users as well. However, I felt like after doing several investments I needed more knowledge and education as an advanced user. The educational material they provided did help me a lot, but it lacked resources for the advanced users.

Besides the e-books, there is a whole section filled with all the possible trading terminologies that one would need to know. Being a beginner in trading the glossary section was one of the features that I took the most advantage of. Without it, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable doing investments. There were times where I had some queries which I felt were not big enough to acquire an agent for, instead such queries were already answered on their “FAQ” page.

Customer Service:

Good customer service makes a lot of difference in setting apart good brokers from untrained brokers. So, when I look into any broker my priority is to know how efficient their customer service is.  In my experience, CVMarkets has decent customer service which gave me a huge relief. In the beginning, I used their live chat for most of the queries and issues, and every single time I left being satisfied. The platforms need to have well-trained and educated brokers so that they can help their clients in no time and efficiently.

Besides the option for live chat, CVMarkets also offer services like email and telephone. In my opinion,the best way to approach the agents would be through e-mail and live chat. However, the telephone service is limited to the users of the United Kingdom and Australia. Because of this restriction, I have not been able to enjoy this service due to my residence being in a different country.

Payment Methods:

Payment methods play an important role in any investment. I always make sure with any broker that they are providing with preferred payment methods. If my preferred methods are not available, then what other alternatives do they offer? My preferred method has always been PayPal, but this broker has other alternatives which worked for me the same as it would have been with PayPal. The payment methods they offer are:

1.      Vload

2.     Maestro

3.     MasterCard

4.     Bank Wire

My preference among the above-mentioned methods was the Bank wire. I think Bank wire works more efficiently as compared to others and that is something that I feel works best for me. Besides the Bank wire, I was able to try the rest of the payment methods except the VLoad, which I found to be great alternatives. Moreover, during my investment, I never had to face any issues regarding deposits and withdrawal. Everything went very smoothly in terms of my transactions with this platform.


How seriously a broker considers the security of a platform plays an important part in gaining any client’s trust. I needed to believe the broker enough to put away more cash and guard my assets. When it came to CVMarket I never questioned its capacity to guard me directly from the enrollment process they took me through. The whole experience of getting myself registered made me realize that this broker makes the safety and security of their clients their priority.

Their registration process consists of very few and simple steps that take only a few minutes. When I enrolled myself, I was asked to fill in my first and last name, the country I live in, phone code, and phone number, along with e-mail and password, which took less thana couple of minutes. They also ask you to go through their user agreement and Risk disclosure Notice.

Besides all their safety and security protocols towards registering yourself, they have also mentioned at the very bottom of their webpage the policies they follow. Those policies are:

1.     Terms and Conditions

2.     Privacy Policy

3.     Bonus Policy

4.     Anti-Money Laundering Policy (AML)

5.     Know Your Customer (KYC)

6.     Withdrawal, Refund & Cancellation Policy

Exploring and going through all these policies, made me feel even more secure. I knew that with this platform I will not have to worry about the safety and security of my information being leaked and the resources, as well.

My Last Thoughts on this Broker:

I think in this review, I have covered most of the important topics that anyone should be considering before looking into any broker. In my opinion, I found CVMarket to live up to my expectations of being a decent broker. I have been a loyal user of this platform and to this day this platform never ceases to amaze me how smoothly it runs and how efficient its services are. In my experience, not many platforms can perform as well as CVMarket does.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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