ManCapitalGroup Review: ManCapitalGroup At A Glance 2021

ManCapitalGroup is a great option for all kinds of traders. You can get started in a few easy steps by entering your data; name, email, phone number, etc. Then you need to set up a password, fill a quick survey if you wish, and complete the KYC prerequisites. The base deposit to start trading on ManCapitalGroup is pretty low and there are different payment methods available which encouraged me to give this platform a try.

The deposit and withdrawal payment methods include MasterCard and bank transfer, among other options. I was most impressed by the security that the platform offers. I checked the security measures diligently when I first tried it. And I’m happy to report that I have no complaints, I can trust ManCapitalGroup with my personal data and money.

With that said, the platform has its pros and cons. Some of its merits include a low CFD deposit, indicators for analysis, negative balance assurance, good regulation in the top financial markets, and the trading ideas and support that ManCapitalGroup offers for its clients.

Some drawbacks of the platform are the limited payment methods available, e.g., Bitcoin & PayPal, relatively fewer educational resources for advanced traders, and no mobile trading app.

Good Client Support

One of the most important things that I look for in a trading platform is good customer support. Features are not the only thing that matters when it comes to online trading platforms. Good customer support is crucial because if a platform does not deal with an anxious client in the right way, soon they’ll have no clients.

Many people don’t think about this, but trading is an emotional endeavor because of the risks involved and the investments at stake. A good support system is not just desirable, it is very imperative. The best trading platforms always prioritize client support, and ManCapitalGroup is one of them. You can reach out to them through live chat, phone, and email. In my experience, they are helpful, patient, and respond quickly. I couldn’t have asked for better client support.  

Educations Material Support

The platform also has a variety of educational resources such as eBooks, which can help traders learn more about trading along their journey. I believe trading is one of those things that you can’t learn unless you enter the game, take risks, win some, lose some, and get experience. Textbooks can only get you so far in the world of trading. But it’s still a mistake to go in completely blind and refuse to learn about trading afterward as well.

I am a well-seasoned trader by now, but I still study the subject extensively. I always find it helpful when trading platforms have learning resources available. ManCapitalGroup has some helpful resources, but I would like to see them expand their library. The platform offers informative webinars, but they are not open to everyone. You need to be a member to access them.

ManCapitalGroup has a very attractive service of a private session with an account manager, and Igot a lot of helpful insights on accounting, market investigation, trading strategies, and more.

One aspect that I admire about the platform is that they have an exceptional risk management strategy and network safety. Novice traders don’t have to worry about losing their funds on this platform because of the negative balance assurance. I think this safety net is very important for beginner-level traders that tend to underestimate risks and overlook some details that can make them lose money.

User Experience

I’m a design enthusiast and a bit tech-savvy as well. I always appreciate a well-designed trading platform with up-to-date software. ManCapitalGroup did a good job at that front. You will find that the user interface on the platform is streamlined and effortless. The display is dark, and I think they could manage something bright and engaging.They have everything I need from the platform right in front of me or easy to find. Features such as spread wagering and cryptocurrency CFD trading are easy to access and consistent.

Other features and useful tools on the platform include a range of charts with indicators, overlays, and drawing tools. The watch lists are very adaptable. A customer conclusion and streaming feed are also available. The charts are undoubtedly a critical tool for traders, and they are very customizable on this platform. You can construct and adjust the format of the work area and make it as complex or as simple as you want.

I was very impressed by the long-term trends you can view on the platform. The platform also provides price projection also with example acknowledgment tools. ManCapitalGroup provides charts and most analytical tools to all traders on the platform. But there are some special ones that are exclusive to the type of account you have. I believe that investing in a high-level account with innovative tools is worthwhile, and this platform has given me a good return on my investment so far.

The Ideal Trading Account for Beginners

Opening an account on ManCapitalGroup is straightforward. They guide you, and you just have to follow some simple steps. I first opened a forex account on the platform. They guided me about KYC policies and security measures when I opened it. That showed me that the platform takes the security of its clients seriously. The platform gained my trust from that point onward and hasn’t come close to losing it ever since.

After I openedmy account, ManCapitalGroup verified it. You will need an email or a social platform qualification only. The process of opening the account is hassle-free.

The KYC policy which stands for “Know Your Client” will apply when you want to invest money with the platform and move ahead as a dealer. ManCapitalGroup then requires your passport copy or a government-provided ID. You will also need to give proof of residence; this can be a bank statement or a service bill.

To break it down, follow these steps to get a verified account on ManCapitalGroup:

– Type in your email

– Select your place of residence

– Choose your trading platform

– Fill in the basic information about yourself

– Select the minimum deposit and account type you want to go for

– Provide information about your trading experience and business history

I can’t stress how important it is to get acquainted with the client support of the trading platforms you choose. Many beginner-level traders neglect this step, and it’s a mistake. In the trading world, many unexpected things can happen from glitches to scams. You need to be able to rely on a platform’s client support in case something goes awry. ManCapitalGroup has a very professional team with representatives that are available all around the clock (five days a week). They respond fast and grasp the situation with expertise. You can contact them by phone, email, or live chat.

The Instruments and Assets available

The greater part of trading instruments and items are CFDs. The portfolio is excessively thorough.

A large proportion of the trading instruments available on the platform are CFDs. You can trade with crypto, indices, forex, stocks, and commodities. So, whether you want to go the traditional route and trade gold or enter the modern arena of crypto, this platform has got you covered.

The leverage that the platform offers is impressive, for example, it is 1:400 for crypto so you can control your position side. Experienced traders on the platform can also take advantage of refunds and a free API interface. These are not accessible to retail traders, however. Apart from this, all traders on the platform are offered guaranteed stop losses, wire transfers for withdrawals among other useful features. I think people who want to start trading in 2021 will have a pleasant experience on this platform.

ManCapitalGroup also has an economic calendar that all traders on the platform can use. It’s a very useful tool to track opportunities and improve my trading technique. The ManCapitalGroup platform also has a news section that will keep you up-to-date on everything that’s going on in the trading world.

Forex Charts on ManCapitalGroup

A good trader is always good with charts. It is a form of specialized investigation in itself. Charts must be a crucial part of any trader or specialized dealer’s strategy. The forex charts on ManCapitalGroup can be adjusted to your requirements and preferences. The charts on this platform are certainly one of the best I’ve seen with all the customizations you need, such as real-time tools, indicators, analytical tools, bars, candles. I always prefer the OHLC chart which I usually have to change from the Candlestick default settings.

The Takeaway

ManCapitalGroup is an all-rounder, in my opinion. It has many useful and innovative features, praiseworthy client support, and top-notch security. I believe that it’s a splendid choice me as an active trader. The user interface is streamlined and easy to navigate through. The learning resources are helpful, and many are available to non-members. The tools and features on the platform are cutting-edge and innovative. I believe the platform gives freedom to traders in the form of customization and ease of access. Overall, I have been quite satisfied with the platform so far.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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