SecuredVC Review 2021 – Why Should Invest With This Trending Broker

With numerous numbers of options available for the brokers online, it gets really hard to settle on one and completely rely on your knowledge. If you are someone who is a newcomer in the trading industry, you must educate yourself first as much as possible. Without having proper knowledge, I think one can easily fail to understand how online tradingis done. The lack of information thenew brokers have can lead to serious damage totheir bank account. This is why when I came across SecuredVC; I felt the need to properly educate myself with how this platform operates.

I think the best way to analyze any broker is to go through its reviews. This way you will get to know the personal experiences of its members and then move towards exploring its’s platform furthermore by yourself. When I went through all the reviews, I found them very helpful as compared to just going through the website myself. For this very reason, I also decided to write down my review so that it might be helpful for someone else, as well.

There are few basic things that I think helped me a lot in evaluating any broker. I will be discussing them in my review in detail. Following are the criteria that I will base my review on:

-How user-friendly and well-equipped the brokeris?

-Do they provide enough educational material?

-How fast and efficient its customer service is?

-Is this platform secure enough for your investments?

SecuredVC as a trading platform:

In evaluating a platform one of the most important factors that entice its users is its webpage outlook. The webpage outlook of the website should be attractive and easy to follow. Many platforms try to gain clients by putting fluff content on their platforms and that is why their users get frustrated and no longer feels the need to explore the platform further. When I came across SecuredVC, I liked how simple their webpage was. It had all the important contents like Trading assets, educational center, Account types, and Info mentioned right on the main page. I didn’t have to browse much to get the relevant information I needed.

What I also liked about the webpage was that they designed it in a way that the user wants to keep on exploring. For example, when I visited their webpage, the little tidbits of information they have mentioned on the site made me excited to keep on exploring. The proper use of words and their straightforwardness was one thing I was fond of. However, I felt like the theme of the webpage was dull and dark. Because of the dark background, it felt exhausting and tiring to the eyes where I constantly have to concentrate on the text written. Another thing worth mentioning is that they have 2 languages available for their webpage i-e English and Thai that I feel they can add more languages so that their other users can enjoy this facility as well.

I found that there is an entire section on their main page that talks about “Why you should Trade with them?” I think it is a clever way to attract the audience since this is the main reason, they are visiting the webpage. They answered in three simpleanddirect statements.

  • Enhanced Trading speed
  • Completely customizable
  • Fundamental analysis tools

Assets, Charts, and tools:

SecuredVC offers access to 200+ assets to its users. So, you have a wide variety of assets to choose from for your investments, which I saw they have mentioned on their webpage. These assets consist of:

  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Cryptos
  • Currencies

Another intriguing feature I found was their trading chart. What impressed me the most was that I was able to access this trading chart before registering myself. This way it was easier for me to evaluate whether I was able to understand this chart for my investments or not. I didn’t find it difficult to use since the chart itself was self-explanatory. This chart is available for access under the name “trading platform” which is on the main page of the webpage.

When I started exploring this chart, I saw that they have mentioned the assets on the left column. On top of this column, there is a search bar where you can easily find your desired assets that you need to have a look at. Or you can select the options to show the assets according to what is trending, daily %, and by name. In front of each asset its shows the sell and buy rate of it. Upon clicking on it, it instantly gives you all the details of the assets with the option to sell or buy respectively.

On the right hand of this page,there is a chart with all the possible tools that you can use and adjust according to your ease. After having a good look at the assets, charts, and tools, I knew this broker was going to be reliable and user-friendly for me. I think the tools this platform provides for trading are very well-equipped and advance at the most extreme speed I have come across with. Conversely, I notice that this platform doesn’t have a live slide bar that shows the new stocks for advertising.

Education Center:

Having no knowledge about the trading world, I felt like I will not be able to make investments with any broker no matter how efficient it works. This is true to some extent, if you don’t have the proper guidelines and knowledge about the trading, you might end up having more losses than the profit. So, it is very important to make sure you have enough knowledge about trading from reliable sources. With so much data readily available on the internet it can be overwhelming for beginners like me. Also, it is really hard to find the relevant information from thousands of educational materials available online. When I encountered this platform, I was thrilled to see that they dedicated a whole page to the “Education center”.

The “education center” was one of the things that I enjoyed the most from this platform. It helped me becomea better trader than I am today and still find my way toward this section whenever I feel like I need some information related to my investments. What makes it even better is that this section is not just available to those who are members of this platform but also to those who are just visitors. This tells that this platform cares about educating its users so that they make better investments.

SecuredVC offers e-books that cater to the needs of the new traders and advanced users as well. However, I felt like the educational material available for the advanced user is not enough. Which I think, they can overcome by simply adding more relevant e-books for their experienced users. Besides the e-books, it also has a glossary section that has all possible trading terminologies you can think of. So, it is easier for the new traders to educate themselves by going through theglossary whenever they come across a new terminology that they are not aware of. There is also a section named FAQ that has some pre-answered questions which I found to be helpful at times.

Customer care:

Customer care is one of the important things when it comes to selecting a decent online broker. No one wants to be a part of a platform that doesn’t provide good customer service to their clients. They might be able to attract some clients through their attractive slogans or webpage outlooks, but these will not make them stay if the customer service is not up to their satisfactory level. So, when I found out that this platform has made sure to provide decent customer service, I knew I had to be a part of this broker.

SecuredVC gives its clients different alternatives to interact with their representatives. There is an option for live chat that is embedded on all the pages of the webpage. The live chat is available Monday to Friday 07:00 – 14:00 GMT. Email and telephone service is also available. However, the phone service only for the residents of the United Kingdom and Australia. The operational hours for phone service start from 09:00- 13:00 GMT, Monday to Friday.

Secure organization

One thing that has always been my main concern is how secured a platform is?  Most of the brokers I have come across, offered very little security. But I had no issue regarding the security when it came to SecuredVC. I made sure to look into how secure this platform is and what policies they follow to minimize the risk of online fraud. So far, in my journey with SecuredVC, I have faced no such issues, which is why I can say I trust this platform with my information and resources.

SecuredVC has mentioned on their webpage about the policies they follow and expect their clients as well to follow them rigorously. The policies are:

  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Bonus Policy
  • Risk Disclosure Statement
  • Anti-money Laundering policy and KYC
  • Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

All these policies and the data available to access gave me a feeling of consolation.

My last thoughts on this platform:

With the help of SecuredVC, I learned a lot about trading and how to strategize my investments properly with the assistance of my account manager. I am doing really well with this platform as compared to what I have experienced before. Their security is the main reason why I plan to be their member for the long term. I hope my review helped you to learn more about SecuredVC and trading.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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