Why We Should Not Choose Plastic Bags

One of the oldest environmental issues that are still present is not the one that you haven’t heard about before. They are Plastic bags. They are one of those kinds that you get whenever you purchase things at any store in the world. These are the horrible problems that have created so much garbage in some cities and now these cities and some countries are taking steps to officially ban them. We all know plastic is harmful and very few of us take steps to stop its use and end up bringing plastic bags to home. Now it is high time to break that habit.

Plastics and their impact on the surrounding has been a burning topic and as a society, we’re becoming more and more aware of the issues of plastic use. This will not only help us move forward but to change things for the better. While we start to limit the use of plastic bags, let us understand exactly why plastic is so harmful and what are the reasons to shift to reusable mesh produce bags.

Why Worry?

If you’ve attended any plastic-free campaign then you must have become eco-conscious. This may actually become a bit of a surprise that the harmless plastic bags are actually a big deal.  A single plastic bag takes several years to naturally break down in the land and till then it continues to pollute our environment. There are many millions of plastic bags that are still present on the earth. And not all plastic bags brought to the landfills directly.

The bigger concern is that millions of bags are just scattered in our surrounding which litters the land, water, and wind too. Besides the fact that this looks horrible when loose bags entangle animals and harm wildlife. They end up in our water and kill marine animals.

Is Recycling Plastic a Solution to the Problem?

Recycling plastic can be a solution but it is too costly. The price at which you can recycle a single plastic bag is equal to the cost of a new set of reusable cotton bags.

Plastic should go out and we must avoid them. This can be the hardest thing for us but we need to try. Keep your house clean in the first place. Get a good stock of really sturdy shopping bags and leave them near the door. Take when you go out to get groceries every time, and have a few in the car for those unexpected shopping stops. For smaller purchases, have lighter cotton bags with you. Again, keep at least one handy in a purse or in the car. There are some really cute ones on the market that can be folded down really small.

You need to ditch the mindset that you need a plastic bag to carry items. We tend to use a reusable bag for things simply. Reusable produce bags are ‘bags for life’ and are now offered by many supermarket chains and are one of the leading alternatives to plastic bags.

Cotton and jute bags are the best reusable bags that are well stitched and also come with the base.

Cotton Reusable Bags

You can take Cotton bags to the shops, stores, offices and they will prove they are best. When it comes to shopping, they are the best alternatives to plastic bags. They also save space and they are extremely lightweight material. They are strong and also thin so that they will easily get folded up well.

Cotton bags are made from 100% organic cotton and are biodegradable. They can be used in the long run and this will help you to make an environmentally friendly step. Many big brands offer you stylish printed cotton bags that come with various designs and logos. You can also use them and make a fashion statement at the same time if you wish.

If you are looking for a heavy-duty shopping bag, you must get a cotton bag. These have all the qualities that an eco-friendly bag must-have. Being eco-friendly, cotton bags are the best alternative to plastic bags and it can carry larger weight-loads than plastic bags.

You can take mesh produce bags to the stores for shopping as these bags are used literally for all purposes. They will be able to hold things up to the brim and without having any fear of breaking.

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