TopMarketCap Review 2021 –Is this the right broker for you?

Hi. Hope you’re well and not have been scammed as yet. I am proceeding with the hope that you considered researching before picking your first ever forex firm. I know it’s hard these days. But trust me it has been hard for a long time now. Traders like me have seen these forex firms come to the market, get in demand, pour in huge amounts, scam and destroy the careers of young passionate traders. A whole lot of you must not be accepting this end. I know, it’s justified. Why though? Because what reaches you is the positive side of trading. You have learnt, heard, and studied that trading is the base of the world’s financial system and that trade is one of the most widely adopted professions. Also, the world’s richest people are nothing but successful traders. These all are absolutely correct pieces of information, but on the ground, things are a little different. 

All my life, I have seen more people falling into traps than those reaching the heights of success. Why is that so? You can’t attribute this to the lack of trading skills in our new generation. In fact, when you have a look at reality, you see that it is the lack of motivation to take the leadto carry out appropriate research before making big decisions. 

As an experienced trader, I would like to inform you all that this profession is all about making the right decisions and hence the right choices. Make sure that this all has to be done at the right time. Let me give you brief insights into my trading venture as I tell you how I was on the verge of decline when the right time ran to save me. So it was a Saturday night when I wanted to get done with the deal and leave. I was about to make a deal and I hit the buy button without having a look at the trends and predictions. Well, as soon as I hit it, I realized it was really a bad time because, at that hour, the rates had been soaring suddenly for the past whole month. Well, I was lucky enough because the rates didn’t skyrocket by the time I hit it. So this is how stuff goes on when it comes to forex. You need to be well prepared and well-timed. Also, your firm has to be responsive. Had it not been a good firm, my order of buying would’ve delayed and I would’ve had to bear a loss. 

It isn’t only execution that you need to look for in a firm. There is much more to forex firms that make them good candidates for life long partnerships. I have been a customer of many companies before this one which gives me a chance to draw an analogy between this one and the previous ones. Keep in mind that no firm is the best. All have pros and cons but you need to see which set of pros and cons suits you and your trading needs. 

Where did I have the fortune of meeting TopMarketCap?

Well, I was disturbed because of my past forex firm experiences and was on the verge of giving up. I went to an old professor to suggest a good job that I’ll be able to do. He inquired the reason behind my willingness to give up on my passion and then told me about TopMarketCap. I cannot forget his golden words which have helped me till this age, he said “failure to take lead in research is larger than failure to earn money”. To date, I keep this in mind before taking minute decisions such as buying a new pair of shoes. And trust me, this is the best gift I could’ve given you. 

I am hoping that by the end of this review, you’ll reach a point where either you’ll find your firm or learn the points or specs that you need to look for in a good and reliable brokerage firm. So let’s start off. 

Safety First

Let me start off by talking about my personal favourite features. First comes the safe and secure environment. Believe me, if a firm offers you the best tools, amazing customer care, affordable rates, in short everything but a safe working environment, then you are bound to lose your fortune. It is one of the greatest responsibilities of young and old traders to see if the firm they are about to join is reliable or not. One way to check that is to hit up the current users, talk to experts, and read the provided legal documents on the website. If going through them doesn’t make you feel something good about the firm then it must be a no go. This is what I learnt after going through TopMarketCap’s legal section. The transparency and legal maturity exhibited is phenomenal. Do not forget to go through these finely developed docs. 

  • Risk Disclosure statement 
  • Bonus Policy 
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy
  • Anti Money Laundering Policy
  • Privacy Policy

Easy to Use Website

The next thing that I loved was the ease to use of the website. It has been put forth in a manner that is both beginner and user friendly. Had it not been this way, I would’ve been fumbling here and there all the time in search of my command button. The integrated graphics are self-explanatory and you will never feel like you’re struggling with it. It is eminent from the portal that it has been made in a way that everything is placed in front and one can get to them easily. But there’s one problem that I would like to talk about. I don’t like the dark backdrop. I know most people find it very professional and chic but for someone like me who relies heavily on tools, it becomes hard. I would love it if the company considered adding a customer theme button and making the lives of traders easy who like the light of white more. 

Let me also mention that this thing doesn’t hold you back from reading the text easily, in fact, the white stands out and is pretty prominent. 

Customer Care

This is another thing that should be impeccable for a firm to do good. Professional and well-trained representatives can make your market reputation buildup in no time because at the end of the day these are the ones who form the face of the firm. No one will go and ask for the education section from the CEO. 

I feel the need to mention that this department has never failed to satisfy me. They are trained to provide all callers with solutions in no time and in a manner that they don’t feel dumb. Can you imagine, I called once because I couldn’t find the live chat option. I was a bit too distracted that day well but they were super kind. 

So, getting back to the point, there are multiple options that you can employ to get in touch. These include email, chat, phone and submission of a brief form. For form submission you need to enter details like name, email, message and you’re good to go after to press the submit button. You are encouraged to add a picture to make your problem easily understandable. As for the live chat and email option, they are equally efficient but the live chat one tops my favourite list. 

The phone option is also available for fellows who don’t like to type but unfortunately, it is only available for customers in Australia, UK, and Austria. I wish there was an international number for all users. Another problem that I’d like to bring out to you is that the chat and phone cannot be made use of on weekends and they’ve fixed time slots of availability on weekdays. So if you’re stuck somewhere at the “wrong time”, either you wait or drop an email. 

Education for All

The professional tools you’ll explore only when you sign up for it but for now, I’d like to talk about the open to all education section. The good intentions of developers can be seen by the fact that anyone can access the education segment without having to pay for it. Moreover, the time-saving style adopted for designing it has won my heart. From e-books to glossary and Asset Index all have been grouped or alphabetically arranged. The FAQ section has all the basic questions but I wish it was updated often because I am aware of the fact that with the ever-changing needs, the questions also change. 

Ending Remarks

I cannot deny the fact that TopMarketCap has fulfilled my trading needs like none but I cannot say that it will do the same to you. I know that the platform has been designed in a manner that suits a range of traders but it would be great if you do the research yourself. I would like to wish you good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation

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