Golden Gate Reviews 2021 – Why I Chose This Broker?

The trading system of the world’s financial markets is an ever-evolving phenomenon. Throughout human history, trade has remained consistent whereas other professions have died out. This highlights the importance of trade to the world’s economy. For centuries trade was conducted by nearly every member of a particular society. This all came to a halt in the 20th century when many established traders set up their trading firms and created a monopoly. All of a sudden tools that were vital for trading with international businessmen became a daunting task. Trading firms often were disliked for their exorbitant fees and beginner traders were very unlikely to make it in the profession as full-time traders.

This all changed with the introduction of the internet network. The internet served as the basis for the development of a new and improved trading system, one that did not discriminate and offered an equal opportunity to all traders. When I passed college a couple of years ago, trade was still largely conducted on conventional platforms. However, I knew that if I was going to amount to something then I would have to become a full-time trader. The only way to do that was to join an online trading platform that provided equal opportunities to every user regardless of experience and background knowledge.

For months I searched for the ideal trading platform. There was always something critical that was missing in every trading platform I tested in the online system. Right when I was about to give up and join the conventional trading firms, I came across Golden Gate. Golden Gate was an upcoming trading platform back then. Even though it was relatively new to the industry when I joined, it was quickly gaining popularity with millions of traders opting to go with Golden Gate as their primary trading platform. This article is an in-depth review of what makes Golden Gate so desirable among traders.

I have been an avid user of this platform for quite some time now. After analysing my daily routine, I was able to define the basic factors that helped me choose Golden Gate as my trading platform of choice. These factors help users determine the security, beginner friendliness and tools available for use on their trading platform. So basically, after testing out multiple platforms, I was able to come up with a plan that would help me decide the platform that best suited my interests.

Secure Accessibility

If you’re completely new to the trading world, here are a few pointers. Always make sure that you choose a secure trading platform with an encryption protocol. Security is one of the most important features of a trading platform. One would rightly assume that every trading platform would have some sort of security and it would be a correct assumption. The difference is in transparency. There are platforms in the trading system that do provide security but might allow third parties to access your account. In most cases, this isn’t a serious issue and users normally shrug it off as such.

However, a trustworthy trading platform will be transparent about such policies and will notify users accordingly. I remember when I signed up to Golden Gate and figured out their security policy. As a trader, I take security to the extremes. I require absolute confidence in my business if I am to invest any further so when I reviewed Golden Gate’s security system I was shocked to see the high level of increased encryption systems. I know many traders shrug off the security of online trading platforms arguing that there are a lot of online accounts and it isn’t worth giving a little extra for more secure platforms. I disagree with this sentiment because trade is one of the most important services on the planet and user confidence in the trading system cannot be sacrificed. Golden Gate recognised this which is why it is among the most reputed trading platforms.

Account Arrangements

Signing up for the account on Golden Gate was relatively easy once I had made my final decision. The button to start the process is on the home page. As soon as I clicked it I was redirected to choose my account type and enter my bio information. After my identity had been verified I was asked to enter the financial information. This is where you can tell the main difference between a trustworthy platform and a fraud platform. Golden Gate only asked for information about my trade business however a scam server would have asked for more information which new traders might even have given if they were not aware of the industry standards set in place.

I do believe it would be better if the platforms allowed more phone numbers to be connected to my account so that I can expand my capabilities. It doesn’t affect my business significantly but it is noticeable and the firm should look into it.

Asset Management

When it comes to trade, there is no such thing as too many assets. One of the best ways to earn an income is by trading with multiple assets. Assets are tradable goods. They can be exchanged for currencies which in itself is an asset. So, assets are exchanged for different assets. I remember signing up to Golden Gate and seeing the multiple types of assets displayed on their homepage. This assured me that I did not need to worry about being left behind in terms of trading capacity because let’s face it, trade is evolving every day. Pretty much every week there is a new asset that replaces an older asset and while it does take time for independent platforms to verify assets that are due to industry regulations, many of these assets do end up in the primary asset catalogue at Golden Gate.

Commodities, company stocks and currencies are also part of this catalogue. The basic asset categories that are available for trading at Golden Gate are Forex which I use a lot when trading in regional markets along with indices as well. Forex has a unique ability to be extremely profitable and I speak from experience. It would be a great addition if the platform would allow for a little more freedom when trading with forex. I understand that there are industry regulations but these vary from region to region so I believe it would be best for the platform to take such actions aswell and cater to more users by implementing this policy.

Crypto Access

One of the biggest additions to this catalogue includes the NASDAQ stock server that allows users to invest in one of the biggest assets in the world. A new and revolutionary addition to the stock catalogue is cryptocurrencies. Crypto is a relatively new idea that was first thought of back in 2009 when Bitcoin was released to the open market. I remember when in 2017 crypto entered the mainstream and changed the financial system altogether. Crypto is still somewhat unstable but many analysts predict that crypto will overtake other digital currencies within a few years and in the decades to come, crypto might even replace the current banking system. I for one am excited to have access to cryptocurrencies because trust e, they are unlike any other asset. They are high risk and high reward assets that provide investors with incentives that have changed the way I view trading as a profession.

Transaction System

As a trade service, platforms must have some sort of withdrawal and deposit tools for users who are full-time traders. I have been using Golden Gate as my primary trading service provider for a while now and I can say that they have a strong transaction system. The companies they allow for transaction purposes include the following

  • Bank Wire
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

These card companies are industry leaders and have been chosen as a result of the low commission they demand from individual transactions. I found it quite convenient to have these services available readily and my only complaint is that I wish there were more options for different regions because rates vary from region to region.

Final Words

Trade will never stop evolving. The online trading system is the future of trade and while there are still some conventional trading platforms that have yet to transition to online trading, every economist agrees that it is futile to state that online trading platforms cannot be trusted. The online system has proven time and time again that it is ready to replace the conventional system. Every service has its faults but the online trading platforms are actively working to remove all glitches in their systems. Overall, online trading has technically already left conventional techniques in the dust in terms of the net revenue generated because of the increase in individual traders who either work part-time or full time.

In the end, I have had an amazing experience trading with golden Gate and even though the platform has a few issues that need to be addressed, I have no regrets in my decision because for me it is still the best option as compared to the competition based on my research.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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