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It has been a year that we are living in a pandemic-stricken world. Things have not been easy for the past year because we were confined to our houses with little or so socialization. Before corona hit us, we were also going through an era of digitalization, but ever since everything has gone online, we have seen the process accelerating. People who were not a massive fan of accessing everything on their phone screens are now forced to adapt to the new way. 

Due to an increased demand for services and products running online, we have seen an influx of such companies. This was considered excellent initially, but when we got along with these, it was seen that a significant fraction of these firms were originally fraudulent firms. This worried many people, especially those who had to do currency-related deals online, such as the crypto exchanges. Such firms have been in the market for quite some time now, so many exchangers have learned ways to spot them. I must say, I have learned these through experience. 

Crypto exchange firms are turning into a mandatory thing for exchangers because of the restricted movements. Apart from that, because these firms offer so much under a roof, many exchangers are attracted towards these. I decided to sign up for one as soon as I entered the Crypto world because I had an idea of how they were emerging as much-needed vehicles for performing crypto transactions. But my initial experiences were not very good. I was trapped and scammed multiple times until I found Cryptme, which considerably changed my life. I knew that my assets were safe with them, and that’s all a trader could ask for. 

I am frequently asked which exchange forum I use and why. I tell them I only use this one because of one thing, which is the optimal environment. I feel like I am working in the best of conditions that support high profits. As we go on, I’ll explain the factors individually which come together to make me feel so. But for now, I want to say that you should all consider joining an efficient crypto exchange because of the enormousbenefits they have. But always be sure that you are trusting the right people. If this step goes wrong, then the results can be drastic and highly demotivating. I have unfortunately been through this, so I will keep presenting you the specs and drawbacks of this firm as I put forth a comparative analysis. 

I hope that by the time we reach the end of this article, you all have an idea of what to look for in a good and safe exchange and how to avoid falling into the hands of tricksters. You all can note down the essentialelements and make a priority list. This is what I did because I soon learnedthat no firm is free of flaws. So it is good to decide which set of deficiencies you can work with. Never compromise on essential elements such as security, privacy, and efficiency. Let’s get started with the review now.

Getting straight to the business

The first thing that anyone notices about the firm, the moment the open is that you do not need to waste your time here and there looking for the exchange methods. Right at the front is an exchange box withtwooptions that I want to spend and wants to buy. First, you pick the currency you wishto pay. It can be any of the five; EUR, USD, AUD, JPY, and GBP. I like how more options than the competition have been added, but it would be great to introduce an even more comprehensive range. Next, you have to pick what you want to buy from the three available options: LTC, BTC, and ETH. Because Crypto has reached a boom and many other cryptocurrencies are now being discussed and purchased so the company should consider adding more options to this area. So once you are done picking these, you add the amount you want to spend, and you’ll automatically get how much cryptocurrency you will get for it. Then, if you wish to proceed, you can click the exchange button, and there to go. It is crucialthat you are logged in to your Cryptme account for this. If you aren’t, then a pop-up box will appear to help you log in to your account. Video tutorial is also included on the main page to guide the newbies who have no idea of the technicalities involved in the exchanging procedure. 

If you keep scrolling down, you’ll see the website designers have smartly added essentialbits of information market prices, transactions per day, transaction volume, and movers information. All of this helps the exchangers get an idea of what’s up with the market. I also like how they have added a self-scrolling bar on the landing page which provides its users with all the preliminaryinformation regarding currency pairs. Again, this helps the traders save time and get information at a glance. 

Payment Methods

A good platform takes reasonablecare and goes the extra mile to facilitate the customers. Keeping this in mind, the company has allowed multiple payment methods such as Mastercard, Maestro, and bank wire. This is great, though, but it would have been even good if the PayPal option is also introduced because it is one of the most widespread options by traders worldwide. This is suggested, keeping in mind that Cryptme is trusted by exchangers globally so the company should be more open to payment methods that are even more extensively used even in places where the mainstream companies are not operational. 

Well developed FAQs

If you are an exchanger, you will know how you always keep coming across fundamental questions, and everybody keeps asking them. To save time, the company has added a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section to the page. I cannot disagree that the segment is well designed, keeping in mind the strategies adopted, such as grouping these questions. This allows one to reach the question and get its answer quickly. The questions are answered briefly but are to the point. Also, this segment is particularly engaging and time-saving. You click on the question such as “What is Santoshi?” And you get an answer in a drop-down form. 

Although the answers pretty much satisfy the one asking, it should have a link to a detailed article or a blog post to helpthose who want to know more. Additionally, I have seen that this section is not refreshed often. We are living in an era where finance, business, and currency are evolving rapidly. This means that new questions come our way every day. This is a concern that should be addressed real soon. 


This takes me to another impressive section which is the Blog section. I am particularly in love with this part of the web portal because it keeps me updated with everything in the Crypto World fascinatingly and engagingly. These posts have a time tag and a small one or two-line description, which fell you quickly what the article is all about. These blog articles are to the point, share authentic information, facts, and figures, and point out essentialelements worth the attention. Images and an interactive tone of these blog articles help readers maximize their attention span. The best part is that one does not need to be a formal account holder of the firm to access these. This is what I would recommend you all to make use of and keep yourselves updated with the necessary information. 

This section is excellent,but I would love to see it updated more often and also if the company adds articles related to other cryptocurrencies which are not catered on the website as yet, such as Dogecoin. 

Concluding Remarks

Cryptme has so much for exchangers, and all the important services are up to the mark. This is why exchangers widely trust it all around the globe. Ever since I have joined this forum, I am at peace that my assets and future are in safe hands. Of course, I could not cover all the aspects of the website, such as impeccable customer care service, but you can get to know all of these by simply visiting the portal. For me, this platfrm better than all my previous ones because I got to enjoy trading multiple classes of assets here. In addition, it is something more many traders have access to. The best part is making instant predictions with a chart that consistently accurate with innovative tools. They helped me gain more profit throughout my time with this platform.

Here I will conclude my review with a wish that you reach your long-term crypto partner soon. Good luck!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

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