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Trendy Sweet items to have on Indian festivals

The vibe of every Indian festival is bound by the sweetness that comes with them, and without a doubt, sweets are a part of bringing that to the table. Since unforgettable times sweets have been the go-to item to eat and share at Indian festivals due to age-old traditions and their delectable taste. However, times are changing now, and there is no doubt to the fact that youngsters are easily capable of bringing a twist to the littlest of things as well with their ideas. From changing the style of clothing to celebrating days on skype calls, everything has been moulded and has led to good only. The latest addition of social media has brought yet another engaging change in the lives of the new generation and hence the Indian festivals. For instance, rakhi with sweets is enjoyable and probably how it should be, but you can hype it by adding the perks of a little assorted chocolate and other trending sweet items to the list. Before you go searching, hold your thoughts; we have sorted it all out for you with the kinds of sweet-tasting things you can add to your occasions to keep their new age and super fun too. 

Customized chocolates 

Get customised chocolates that are decorated from the box with initials or images on the top of the box followed by wrappers of the box with messages on it, and the chocolates can also have carvings on them. You can get it from an online portal, and they are readily available during festival time. 

Customized cupcakes 

Cupcakes are not the most traditional idea to sweeten an Indian festival, but they are so delicious; how can you say no to the delicious treaties. And you can get photo and poster categories for them too. 

Ice cream chocolates 

Ice Creams are colder than they are chocolaty and which is why it is a plot twist to have chocolates in the shape of ice cream, don’t you think? You can get them from an online portal, too, and they look just like other lick lollies but are chocolates. 

Ice cream cakes

Ice Cream cakes are trendy, especially for birthdays and anniversaries, but who says that can’t be a part of this. Get ice cream cakes in butters both, chocolate or pineapple flavour and cut it like a grand ceremony which the festival of India already are and have a bit of chocolate, that too cold. 

Customised cakes 

Cakes are customised with photos or posters on them; you can get lopsided cakes, multi-tiered ones, rainbow cakes with gems inside, pull me up cakes, pinata cakes, and so much more. There is no limit to the kind of craziness that can be reflected using a cake and especially when it is an Indian festival celebrated with many shouts and laughter.  

Ferrero Rocher chocolates 

If you want to be simplistic, but it still has to be rich and delicious, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are the best choice. They can be found easily in the market or online. They taste just like you imagine and are popular for being rich and classy as well. You can get a set of 4, 8, 16, 32. 

Handmade chocolates 

Handmade chocolates are the best present one can have for their loved ones. It shows immense care and tastes so much better just because they are made at home by you and with so much love. There is no comparison to homemade chocolates and rakhi online, and now that it has become quite easy to make them with a lot of regular and raw items available in the market, it is all the more reason to have some. 

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