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A Guide to Buying Perfect Ready-Made Curtains

Carefully selected curtains can add freshness to any room and transform it in no time. If you want to replace your curtains, you’ll be happy to know that there are countless options available.

However, if you have a set of modern windows in your home, ready-made curtains are a fantastic choice. They come with many advantages, and we want to highlight those that stand out the most.

We’ll also guide you through the process of measuring your windows for ready-made curtains and how to choose the right curtain heading.

Correct Measurements Are Essential

While ready-made curtains are undoubtedly convenient in many ways, it’s safe to say that determining the correct size can be challenging. But the issue is easily solved once you understand what to focus on.

How to Measure Curtain Width?

The first thing to keep in mind is that ready-made curtains are sold in pairs. Also, they come in specified sizes, and it’s sometimes impossible to get the exact fit.

Typical ready-made curtains widths are 117cm, 168cm, 228cm, and 335cm. To get the most accurate measurements, you need to measure the width of your window and multiple it by 2.

That will give you the approximate width, but if you’re looking for a more luxurious look, you can always size up.

How to Measure Curtain Drop?

Your first decision should be whether you want your curtains to fit the window sill, go just below it, or drop to the floor. As ready-made curtains come in specific sizes, you’ll have three available drop lengths.

You can either go with 137cm, 182cm, or 228cm. If you’re not sure about the final measurements, you can search for online curtain calculators and get a more accurate estimation.

Choosing the Right Curtain Heading

Once you know the measurements of your ready-made curtains, it’s time to pick the heading type. There are two popular choices: pencil pleat curtains and eyelet curtains.

Pencil pleat ready-made curtains are what you consider the standard heading with tightly gathered folds. They retain their shape by rows of string that thread through the heading tape.

This gives you the option to adjust them to the width of the window. The main advantage of pencil pleat curtains is that they can be used on all types of tracks and poles. They also add a more formal look to any room.

Eyelet curtains represent a more modern heading and feature large metal rings at the very top of the curtains. Typically, eyelet ready-made curtains are floor-length, but not exclusively. These curtains are very easy to hang and will complement most window types, except for bay windows.

Benefits of Ready-Made Curtains

If you’re on the fence about whether ready-made curtains are the right choice for you, allow us to tell you a little bit more about why they’re a fantastic option.

They’re Budget-Friendly

Made to measure curtains are great, but they also cost more upfront. If you desire a small change in your home, ready-made curtains won’t burden your budget. They’re an affordable yet durable option.

They Save Time

The process of purchasing customised curtains is not only expensive but time-consuming. With ready-made curtains, your home can be transformed in a matter of days. Get the measurements, place the order online, and receive the curtains at your door soon after.

Also, if you’re struggling with indecisiveness, choosing made to measure curtains might take even longer than you anticipate. With ready-made curtains, efficiency is the name of the game.

They Are Versatile

If you’re worried that ready-made curtains limit your style and fabric options, you can rest assured. The best companies go out of their way to present an exceptional selection of ready-made curtains to their customers.

Do you like florals, patterns, stripes, and circles? Perhaps you’re more into a traditional style. Regardless of your preference, you’ll almost certainly be able to find something that speaks to you.

The Fuss-Free Quality of Ready-Made Curtains

Often, you don’t have the time to design curtains for your family room or bedroom. That’s where ready-made curtains come in.

It’s not an overwhelming investment in terms of time and money, but it will make a significant difference to the space where you spend most of your time.

Curtains Curtains Curtains has a fantastic selection of pencil plate and eyelet ready-made curtains in many styles, colors, and brands.

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