What is an Adhesive Tape Converter?

That is a very good question we get asked again and again!

The fact is that not many many people use a whole roll of adhesive tape at once and ideally want pieces of tape to stick materials together. However, that is where the problems can start since that normally involves cutting the pieces off the roll of tape that you need which can be tricky as anyone knows who must wrap lots of gifts for example!

So, an Adhesive Tape Converter takes big pieces of tape rolls (long and wide) from the manufacturer – slits and rewinds it into smaller tape sizes to make it easier to use and can then die cut, laminate it with other materials, and can shape it into an exact size or configuration that the tape user ideally wants This Is the simple commercial process of tape conversion.

Why is an Adhesive Tape Converter so important in the supply chain? This is because the adhesive tape manufacturers want to sell lots of volume of tape in rolls, and do not want to be involved in supplying complex shapes in smaller volumes to customers. This simply becomes un-economical for them  The Adhesive Tape Converter adds considerable value in the adhesive tape supply chain by supplying tape such as Acrylic Foam Tapes in the right size and shape to suit their exact needs, often in smaller quantities but to a larger customer base .

Using shaped die cut adhesive tape parts with specialised release liners to make it easy to peel the part off a sheet or a roll and apply it without getting sticky or dirty fingerprints all over the adhesive face – which means the tape will adhere stronger to the material you are applying it to. Tape Converters such as Preston Technical in Lancashire with their array of converting machines can literally supply die-cut tape in any way that the customer wants it These companies thrive on providing unique and individual solutions to many industry sectors – from cut single pieces to highly complex shapes and sizes that need to be presented in a way to facilitate use in a production line environment. This process can also be used in the conversion of Masking Tape

Today, using traditional mechanical fixing methods such as screws, welding, riveting and so on are being replaced with high-performance adhesive tapes (such as VHB TAPE)  in modern manufacturing design and production processes. Why is this?

Adhesive tape joints are faster to manufacture which reduces manufacturing cycle times and costs –Ultimately making the process and final product cheaper but also have numerous other advantages – they can be stronger, lighter, have no corrosion issues, are more repeatable and consistent in quality and less noisy to produce. A very important consideration in transportation such as aviation where the reduction in weight is an important consideration

Where die-cut tape can really be significantly better is where they easily allow for robotic and automated applications processes to be used when making components which give significant cost and quality benefits to clients. Companies like Preston Technical have a wealth of expertise in assessing manufacturing production lines and can find ways to remove bottlenecks or long assembly cycle times using die-cut adhesive tape instead of the traditional production methods  – this is what a high-quality adhesive Tape Converter should be able to provide to the customer.

So – this is what the modern Adhesive Tape Converter does and what they can do for your business!

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