Feature of ContractSafe That Can Assist You in the Monitoring of Your Contracts

Have you ever wished you could wave a magic wand and have all of your contracts neatly categorized and searchable? ContractSafe’s [AI] assistant makes contract management seem and feel effortless. You’ll save thousands of (cash and hours!) while making your contracts smarter with [AI] assistant’s rapid, fine-tuned, automatic extraction capabilities.

What do you get?

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  1. Setup for New Contracts is Automated
  2. Setting up contracts and organizing them has never been easier than using [AI] assistant. Removes the distractions from your team’s work so they can concentrate on the most critical tasks. Hundreds of hours (and thousands of dollars!) can be saved each year while enhancing accuracy and making things easier. All you have to do is upload your contacts, and [AI] assistant will take care of the rest.
  3. Capabilities for Advanced Search
  4. [AI] assistant can read through your contracts and look for essential clauses in the blink of an eye. The contract name, firm entity, counterparty, effective date, end date, and auto-renewal information are all automatically detected by [AI] assistant. This information is presented to you, together with the text from which it was extracted, so that you may double-check everything before it is uploaded to the site.
  5. More intelligent contracts
  6. The rapid, fine-tuned artificial intelligence in [AI]assistant immediately gives you the most relevant information and allows you to accept or adjust it – like magic!You’ll be able to categorize, run reports, locate answers, and make reminders with a fraction of the effort previously required, thanks to AI.
  7. To ensure that your data is correct, [AI] assistant always gives you the final say. We don’t do anything without your permission.
  8. Advantages for Your Business and Your Budget
  9. [AI] assistant saves you thousands of dollars by minimizing administration and errors. By automatically organizing your paperwork, [AI] assistant makes contract management simple.You can keep track of your contract’s lifespans with auto-renewal and termination dates alerts.Over time, as additional fields are added, the contract review process will get easier and better.
  10. Keep tabs on the status of your company’s contracts.
  11. Organize your documents using a simple labelling system that allows you to classify them by vendor, service, or date. Label statuses that can be customized make it easy to track documents based on your internal processes. Maintain a steady flow of legal work and ensure that contracts are completed on schedule.
  1. Keep track of important contract deadlines.
  2. Never miss a deadline again with reminders and alerts. Keep your teams up to current on contract deadlines and deliverables. Stay ahead of expiration dates and auto-renewals to avoid risk. With a calendar of approaching contract dates, you can keep all of your teams on the same page.
  3. Use powerful search tools to find documents quickly.
  4. With smart keyword searching, you can keep contracts accessible and at your fingertips.
  5. With both exact match and broad match keyword searches, you can broaden or narrow your results. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to search scanned text and quickly sift through documents and identify common characteristics. Sort documents into relevant folders to keep your contracts in order.
  6. Customizable Dashboards Provide the Information You Need
  7. Employees can construct individual views containing exactly the information they require using customizable dashboards. You may instantly add or remove fields and columns using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Maintain a smooth contract lifecycle by having easy access to the most recent contracts, reports, and data.
  8. Documents can be viewed from any location.
  9. You may access your papers from anywhere and on any device using our cloud-based repository; all you need is an Internet connection. Allow teams and departments to collaborate on contract administration regardless of their geographical location. When you’re on the road, you need to be able to get to your contacts quickly.
  10. Keep track of your clients and vendors.
  11. Maintain a holistic perspective of product and service suppliers and the deliverables that go with them. To efficiently manage your customers, keep track of service agreements, deliverables, and payment dates. Ensure that your company’s contracts aren’t duplicated or redundant.

Maintaining a healthy and efficient contract management lifecycle necessitates contract tracking. Even minor inefficiencies can have a negative influence on a company’s bottom line. Renewals that are missed, expirations that are missed, and contract violations are all issues that arise due to poor contract tracking. 

ContractSafe’s contract tracking features to aid you in gaining the visibility and transparency you need to make informed decisions and run your business efficiently. Contracts are critical to business activities. Thus they must be managed properly. Contract management has never been easier than it is now, thanks to ContractSafe.


No more squandering time sifting through contracts to find the key terms—[AI] assistant takes care of the heavy work so you can focus on what matters. Visit and allow ContractSafe to perform the heavy lifting for you now that AI has been implemented.

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