Take A Look at Animals Around the World in Singapore Zoo

Singapore zoo is named one of the best zoos in the world. If you feel that the Singapore zoo would be extraordinary, buy Singapore Zoo tickets right here in Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp and spend a day exploring the zoo and river safari.

Here are some reasons why Singapore Zoo is entitled to one of the best zoos in the world.

The Place is Focus on Environment

If you come here, do not bother to buy a water bottle from a convenience store, they won’t sell any. Instead, they sold branded empty water bottles and had water refill stations throughout the zoo. Not only that, you will see that the entire zoo complex resembles a tropical jungle. There are lush green shurbs, colorful flowers, and soaring leafy trees everywhere you look. Monkey and bird exhibits have tall trees and vines instead of artificial planks and ropes, so the monkeys swing around on natural vines like they would in the wild.

Animals Activity

Most of the animals at Singapore Zoo were not only sleeping but were active and playful. Perhaps it was because of the suitability of Singapore’s tropical climate, resembling many animals’ natural habitats.

Daily Shows and Presentations

The Singapore zoo runs four shows or presentations, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

·    Splash Safari showcases an acrobatic sealion.

·    Animal Friends Show lets children interact with domestic pets.

·    Elephant Presentation gives viewers a glimpse into the unique personalities of the zoo’s two Asian elephants.

·    Rainforest Fights Back educates visitors about animals native to endangered rainforest habitats.

The show is made to make people aware of the risk of rainforest destruction.

Onsite Facilities

If you’re visiting the zoo with children, there are plenty of opportunities for them to stop and play along the route with a dedicated kids zone, two other playgrounds, and a couple of picnic spots. If you didn’t pack a picnic, there’s also no shortage of places to buy a meal with two fast-food shops, a variety of food stands, an ice-cream shop, a restaurant, and a lounge.

River Safari

The River Safari is structured into themed zones, one for each of the world’s significant river habitats. First up is the Mississippi River, with toothy alligator gars and alligator snapping turtles. Second, the Mekong River exhibit is the largest, with an aquarium for giant Siamese carps, Mekong giant catfish, and even a giant freshwater stingray. There are also displays for animals living alongside the river, like crab-eating macaques and giant pandas.

Then, the Amazon Flooded Forest is quite spectacular. It includes giant river otters, electric eels, piranha, and a massive aquarium with huge fish and manatees. It was pretty spectacular to watch these gentle giants glide gracefully through the water.

Amazon River Quest

The highlight of the River Safari complex is the Amazon River Quest, which is somewhat like a boat ride crossed with a mini theme park ride. As the boat floats along the track, it passes exhibits of animals native to the Amazon Basin, like spider monkeys, tapirs, flamingos, and even jaguars.

Singapore Zoo’s concept is definitely in the animals’ best interest, but it requires people to follow the rules. The zoo’s collaboration with the River Safari and Night Safari means visitors can easily spend a whole day exploring habitats and viewing animals they may not get to see anywhere else. What are you waiting for? Visit the zoo and get your ticket on Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp.

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